About Us

Element Weather Gear (EWG) started as an idea to hopefully reduce the # 1 injury with deer hunters, which is falling out of their stands. David Larson, the founder, has spent years in the field, climbing in & out of deer stands. He knows firsthand that entering the woods in the dark, early morning hours, trying to make the least amount of noise as possible & climbing into a deer stand is an adrenaline filled event. After one hunting trip, spending 56 hours over the course of four days in a tree stand, 15’ plus off the ground, standing in a sleeping bag, he knew all too well that the chance of falling became very real. He knew he didn’t want to quit hunting, so the development of EWG began.

With safety being the number one driver of David’s motivation, he knew an alternative form of outdoor wear for warmth & safety was needed. It was clear that being able to climb in & out of a tree stand, moving around once in a stand, was of utmost importance.

The EWG garment was designed for safety. With David being OSHA certified, he knew the three points of contact rule. When climbing or descending ladders, always maintain contact with one hand & two feet, or two hands & one foot. If you maintain three points of contact while you climb, you limit your exposure to slips & falls. In addition, the first thing a tree stand hunter should do, once in the stand is tie off. Many hunters don’t know that accidental falls from tree stands – not firearms-related injuries – are the most frequent cause of deer hunting-related injuries. The best harnesses on the market today are approved by OSHA. These are available at most professional tool stores or from forestry supply companies.

The ability to change into the EWG garment on the ground, prior to ascending to the stand, allows for a safer day in the woods. The design allows you to run, walk & jump all while being able to regulate one’s body heat. The EWG garment is designed to provide total mobility while ascending & descending a tree stand, securely fastening the hunter once in the stand, & full body coverage to maintain body heat.

What is the most common injury in hunting?

Hunting Accident #1: Falls From Tree stands
They also fall climbing up & down from the stand, when they snooze in a stand, & when an old or improperly mounted stand collapses. These hunters frequently break something when they land, & injuries to the head & spine sometimes result in death.

How many people suffer injuries from falling from tree stands?

Each year, between 3,000 to 4,000 people in the U.S. are injured after falling out of a tree stand. Tree stand falls can lead to significant injuries like broken bones, concussions & internal bleeding.

A little about our partner & David’s ties to Clarkfield, MN:

EWG has partnered with Clarkfield Outdoors to sew their garment!! Clarkfield Outdoors is located in Clarkfield, MN where David’s dad was born, his grandfather & great grandfather were instrumental in the development of the town.

The Larson family:

John E. Larson; David’s great grandfather (JEL)
Elmer O. Larson; David’s grandfather
John E. Larson; David’s dad

  • 1892 Clarkfield roller mill was built by C. S. Orwoll & JEL
  • Clarkfield was platted in 1884, & named for one Mr. Clark, a railroad agent. A post office has been in operation at Clarkfield since 1884. Clarkfield was incorporated in 1887.
  • 1884 Nels Nelson & JEL built the hardware store which was also ran by Elmer O. Larson, David’s grandfather. JEL was a versatile man, having also owned the drug store & manager of the telephone company. JEL was the first president of the telephone company which he organized in 1904

Clarkfield Outdoors - PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA:

Back in 1983 in a small town in West central Minnesota, home to a little over 1,000 people, Berdette Schoep started Clarkfield Outdoors. Relying on faith, a creative mind & only 6 patterns & 6 employees, they started creating. Today we have hundreds (& counting!) of pattern options, 25 employees & multiple product lines including hunting apparel, workwear & accessories all with options for men, women & children.

In November of 2017 a change of ownership took place between Berdette & Eric Guttormsson & his family. Together Berdette & Eric are committed to continued growth. Berdette continues to put together new designs & patterns with a wide variety of materials. No matter the size or quantity, everything we make is custom made right here in Clarkfield, MN. We are proud to be 100% American made!

It's our passion to bring design concepts to life & turn ideas into reality.
Made in the USA quality – Wholesale or retail, dealers or individual, high-quality hunting & work clothing is our business. Continuous development – We continually design & innovate, offering truly unique products in the hunting & work clothing markets.